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  • Car Seat Covers
Welcome to SparePencil.com

We offer quality car seat covers for cars & trucks and SUVs at low prices. Our seat covers are semi-custom fit for most vehicles. Our product development team have collected the seat measurements from the vehicles that are available in the state to design the car seat covers that can be mass produced to bring down the product costs and reflect that savings to our customers. Sparepencil's seat covers provide great savings and protections to your vehicle from stains, wears and tears. With a small investment as low as $35, you can up keep your vehicle's resale value by maintaining a better condition of car interrior. 

Our seat covers are easy to install, a full set of seat covers (front & back) can be installed onto your vehicle in the average of 1.5-2 hours. 

We also carry the full line of wheel spacers - made in high quality aluminum and backed by the 1 year manufacturer's warranty!

Car Seat Covers At Low Prices